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Special Events

2017 Banquet will be in Treynor on Saturday, February 25

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2017 Banquet: was held Saturday February 25th 2017 in Treynor

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Farm Creek

Farm Creek (FCPWA) is an 240 acre tract of land that has been converted into a public access area for outdoor recreation and habitat preservation.  An earthen dam has been constructed at the site creating a 12 acre fishing pond and surrounding wetland and several acres have been reseeded with native grasses and wildflowers.  FCPWA is a part of the Farm Creek Watershed Project that began in 1997 and represents a change in conservation emphasis from individual farms and plots of land to the treatment of an entire watershed.  Managing a public area within this watershed will give the Conservation Board the opportunity to work with area landowners to improve habitat on private lands.

The Pottawattamie County Conservation Board’s main goals are to compliment the Watershed Project by providing additional habitat, fishing, hunting and environmental education opportunities for the people of Pottawattamie County, southwest Iowa and eastern Nebraska.


Management Philosophy (achieving our goals)


  1. Establish diverse habitat through the planting of Iowa ecotype species consisting of grasses, forbs, trees and shrubs.  Maintain the site over time (using techniques such as fire, mowing and harvesting) to encourage diversity and offer essentials for wildlife such as food, water, cover, space and arrangement of the resources.

  2. Utilize the surrounding crop areas as the main source of the agricultural food plots.

  3. Work with adjacent landowners to improve land use practices and future development of recreational areas.
  4. Monitor the water quality, improve fish habitat and develop potential upland research component.
  5. Management needs will be evaluated annually and practices will be implemented based on those needs (fire, biological, chemical and physical controls).


Ongoing management needs


  1. Fencing/signage repairs and upgrades annually
  2. Road maintenance and ditch habitat annually
  3. Establishment of trees and shrubs annually
  4. Fish structure and shoreline structures
  5. Dam inspections
  6. Adjacent landowner relations and land use practices
  7. Animal control (beaver)



Contributor Summary

Board of Supervisors  --  $126,000  --  Acquisition and development

Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation  --  $69,475  --  Acquisition and development

Pottawattamie Pheasants Forever  --  $66,000  --  Acquisition

Natural Resource Conservation District  --  $26,000  --  Design services

Hungry Canyons Alliance  --  $8,500  --  Development

East Pott. Soil and Water Conservation District  --  $7,500  --  Development

US Fish and Wildlife Service  --  $7,500  --  Habitat

Quails Unlimited  --  $6,600  --  Miscellaneous

Ducks Unlimited  --  $3,000  --  Habitat